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Taiwan-based major solar cell producer Neo Solar Power (NSP) is installing a 50MW N-type heterojunction (HJ) solar cell line, according to a report.

Taiwan-based PV equipment specialist Archers Systems said it in a statement last week that it had secured the repeat order from Neo Solar Power, had previously only said that it had made a deal with a leading Asia-based solar cell manufacturer which was developing bifacial cells. Digitimes, which covers tech news in Taiwan and China said on Friday that the line will have an annual production capacity of 50MWp.

The latest order included its PECVD tool for coating high uniform thin-film layer’s and a new type of PVD system using reactive plasma technology to provide higher uniformity Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) layer with higher conductivity and higher transparency, claimed to provide a 1% efficiency gain, leading to cell conversion efficiencies over 23%.

Archers Systems is a key supplier to the SolarCity/Silveo 1 GW Buffalo facility that will be using a hybrid HJ technology.

The NSP HJ line is expected to be operational by the end of 2016.

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