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Four PV power plants totalling 98MW have been commissioned in the Philippines in the past fortnight in time for a deadline to qualify for the country’s feed-in tariff.

The projects, two of 18MW, one of 14MW and the fourth of 48MW, are all located in Negros in the Philippines and were overseen by Swiss firm Syntegra Solar.

They come shortly after a 135MW PV project, believed to be the largest in Southeast Asia, was completed on Negros.

“We are pleased to provide the very best service to our customers as owner’s engineer and in significantly contributing to their meeting both the deadline and the cap of the Philippine FiT scheme,” said Mathias G. Kothe, managing partner of Syntegra Solar.

This tranche of projects plus the larger one completed last week mean almost double the number of megawatts of PV have been installed in the Philippines so far this year than in 2015. Official figures published last month revealed the country had seen 122MW of new capacity added last year.

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