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SP Olefins (Taixing) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of SP Chemicals Pte. Ltd., Singapore, has let a contract to Technip SA, Paris, to provide technology licensing and process design for the company’s proposed grassroots ethylene plant to be built in Taixing in China’s Jiangsu Province.

In addition to the project’s process design package, Technip will supply a suite of ethylene technology, equipment, and technical services for the plant’s gas cracker, which will have an ethylene production capacity of 650,000 tonnes/year, the service provider said.

Specifically, Technip’s scope of delivery under the contract includes the following proprietary technology components:

• Ultra selective conversion coil technology and associated USC furnaces for cracking.

• Heat-integrated rectifier system for ethylene recovery.

• Wet-air oxidation technology for processing of spent caustic production.

The service company also will supply its proprietary ripple trays for liquid and vapor handling in the cracker towers.

Technip, which plans to execute the project out of its Houston office, did not disclose a value of the contract.

Part of SP Olefins’ 1.1 million-tpy light hydrocarbon utilization project (LHUP), the new plant—which will be China’s first gas-cracking ethylene unit—will process low-cost ethane and propane supplies delivered to the site from North America, Technip said.

According to its web site, SP Chemicals, one of the largest ion-membrane chlor-alkali and aniline producers in China, currently produces 750,000 tpy of caustic soda, 660,000 tpy of chlorine, 500,000 tpy of vinyl chloride monomer, 135,000 tpy of aniline, and 300,000 tpy of styrene monomer.

Further details regarding SP Olefins and its LHUP have yet to be disclosed.

On its web site, SP Chemicals, itself a subsidiary of SP Chemicals Holdings Ltd., identifies its only two existing subsidiaries as SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co. Ltd. and Asia Chemicals Trading Pte. Ltd.

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