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Belhamel M., Chader S., Cherigui A. , Etievant C., Harouadi F., M’Raoui A., Mahmah B.

The global sustainability is a key word of the future energy system for human beings. It
should be friendly to our earth. Hydrogen energy is a critical resource to sustainable energy
development. Over the coming decades, rapid economic growth will necessitate expanded and
diversified energy supplies. This study is proposed to illustrate the attention to the opportunities and
possibilities of connecting the energy consumer in North Mediterranean countries, to the reservoir of
the Great Sahara of North Africa using hydrogen as a solar energy carrier. It also discusses
cooperation between North Africa and north sides of the Mediterranean that has been going on for a
long time, in oil and natural gas industry, and why can not be done in solar hydrogen energy
industry, which will reduce pollution and will last for ever. Clearly, North Africa is major bilateral
partner with the Europe and the people of the two shares of the Mediterranean will be work together
and to built strategic relationships for many decades. In the future, North Africa countries are wellpositioned
to play a greater role in the Europe clean energy equation. Demographically,
interregional migration due to economic concerns will decline. Now, there are good chances to start
such cooperation for the benefits of all partners.

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