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ABB has received a contract from TransCanada to manufacture 22 electrical houses (e-houses) for the proposed $12bn Energy East pipeline project in Canada.

The 4,600km Energy East pipeline is designed to transport 1.1-million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada.

ABB will manufacture the electrical houses at a new production facility in the greater Montreal region..

Electrical houses accommodate critical electrical and automation equipment needed to power pump stations

With a lifetime of over 30 years, the electrical houses are capable of withstanding severe cold and snow conditions.

Energy East Pipeline project president John Soini said: "We are already very active in Québec, spending $100m in contracts with more than 250 suppliers over the last three years alone.

"Pipelines use a lot less energy than diesel powered trains or trucks because they operate using electricity, creating a significantly lower carbon footprint.

"Energy East will create the capacity to displace the equivalent of 1,570 rail cars of crude oil per day to Eastern Canada."

The contract is expected to create up to 120 jobs in Québec as well as another 90 spin-off jobs outside of Montreal.

In 2015, TransCanada filed an amended route application with the National Energy Board (NEB). The application involved nearly 700 changes to the route pipeline project in order to address environmental concerns.

Upon commissioning, the pipeline is expected t generate total tax revenues of $1.2bn for Québec for the first 20 years of its operation.

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